Appel à communication : Examining the different approaches, theories, and methodology both culturally and in the application of European Commercial Field Archaeology.

Appel à contribution : colloque de Barcelone, 5-8 septembre 2018. Session 778

Theme: Theories and methods in archaeological sciences

Session format: Session, made up of a combination of papers, max. 15 minutes each

Title: Examining the different approaches, theories, and methodology both culturally and in the application of European Commercial Field Archaeology.


In every country worldwide commercial practitioners of field archaeology be it urban, rural or a mixture believe that their methodology is the best or (worse) is just the minimum required to satisfy the planning or environmental issues raised in a development or rescue scenario. Obviously, there are different planning and environmental legal regimes in each member country of this association as well as a multitude of funding issues.

This session is designed to examine the different aspects of commercial field archaeology as practiced in each of this association member states. It aims to explore the different skill sets required to be a commercial archaeologist in the different jurisdictions, and the culture shock involved in practicing archaeology in a way that is alien to the way taught in your home country, It aims to investigate how we can learn from each other by having our methodologies presented to a pan European audience.

The call is for oral presentations of 15 minutes maximum duration on the methodologies of commercial archaeology as practiced in their country, covering such topics as excavation, recording, photography, finds processing, archiving and methodologies such as single and multi context excavation and the use of systems such as the Harris Matrix.

This can be about Good or Bad experiences as well as the confusing.

Keywords: Commercial Field Archaeology Methodology

Session associated with CIfA: Yes, International and New Generation Special Interest Groups.


Main organiser: Geoarchaeologist Colin Forrestal (Spain) 1

Co-organisers: Peter Clark (UK) 2

Affiliations: 1. Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Catalan 2. Canterbury Archaeological Trust

How to submit your paper contribution

Proposing a paper, poster or other contribution can only be done via online submission form available at Current and past EAA members can log in using their EAA credentials (EAA ID, username, password). For assistance with retrieving credentials, please contact the EAA Secretariat at New members need to sign up for EAA account first at You can either pay your membership fees upon signing up or at any time before 31 March 2018 when registering for the Annual Meeting at Please note that eventually all Annual Meeting delegates must be current EAA members (paid-up for 2018).

The person who is submitting the contribution is considered as the first – corresponding and presenting author. One person may submit max. two papers in total.

Pour télécharger cet appel à communication, cliquez ici.

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